How to distinguish the quality of glitter powder?

How to distinguish the quality of glitter powder?

Which supplier of glitter powder for cosmetics and handicrafts is better?

This is a question that many customers are more concerned about. In fact, for customers, judging whether a manufacturer of glitter powder for cosmetics and handicrafts is good or bad depends on the company's brand, certificate, product quality, and after-sales service. The glitter produced by Hainan Meilin Technology Co., Ltd.  has been recognized and loved by many business customers from Europe, North America, Australia, and many other businesses around the world.

So, follow me to learn how to identify high-quality glitter powder!!!

Quality Product Standards

There are many types, colors, and specifications of glitter powder on the market. High-quality glitter powder is reflected in the following indicators:

  1. High brightness: Judging from the brightness of the surface layer, high-quality glitter powder has high shimmer, high brightness, and an obvious mirror effect.
  2. Unified shape: high-quality glitter powder, the shape of the glitter powder is seen under a microscope, the shape is uniform, and it is a standard hexagonal shape, and there is no difference in size or powder.
  3. Resistant to strong acid and alkali: high-quality glitter powder, soaked in strong acid and alkali liquid for a long time, keeps the color bright and not easy to fade.
  4. High-temperature resistance: It can be steamed and cooked. After the glitter powder is steamed at a high temperature, it is the top grade without fading or partial fading. This method is mostly used to identify powdered glitter used in glue and nail polish.

The factors that determine the quality of glitter powder mainly include brightness, temperature resistance, solvent resistance, regularity, and smoothness. From the appearance, the particle size of good-quality glitter powder is uniform, with sharp edges and corners, and the hexagonal product is in a regular honeycomb shape. powder and impurities. Glitter powder has a metallic reflective effect, especially dazzling light under the light.

The material glitter powder is divided into:

Ordinary glitter powder (not resistant to acid and alkali, not resistant to solvents);

General solvent-resistant glitter powder (resistant to weak acid and weak alkali);

Fully solvent-resistant glitter powder (resistance to higher acids and alkalis, higher concentrations of solvents)

Temperature resistance:

PET glitter powder: general temperature resistance 180°C

Aluminum glitter powder: general temperature resistance 260°C-280°C (pay attention to the length of stay in high temperatures)

The above content can help us distinguish the pros and cons of glitter powder, have you learned it?

Hainan Meline Technology Co., Ltd. is a business company integrating R&D, production, and sales of mica powder, pearlescent mica powder, and glitter powder. We have technical cooperation with many domestic and foreign scientific research institutes, colleges, and German companies, and have a strong technical force in the research and development of cosmetics glitter powder, special pearl powder for handicrafts, painting, etc.We got the Guangdong Provincial High-tech Product Award in 2019, and listed as a city high-tech enterprise.

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