All of our products are produced in China, and the estimated delivery time will be exhibited in the introduction of each product;
1. If the goods titled "US warehouse shipping" will be sent from the US warehouse, you will receive the goods within 2-7 days after being sent to the US address or Canadian address;
2. If sent by China Express, the estimated delivery time is 7-12 days;
3. If the platform defaults to shipping by sea, the estimated delivery time is 18-25 days, which is also our most favorable mode of transportation.
4. All products can be shipped from China, if the quantity is greater than 2 cases, choosing different shipping cycles will reduce your transportation costs and expand your profit margins. This is the best choice for many wholesalers.
5. Due to the limitations of the platform policy, it is difficult for us to be perfect on the link. If your demand for goods is far beyond the MOQ of the goods, or just want to pick colors, just feel free to write to my email or inbox me to get a better quotation for procurement.